Genuine Ice Cream Is Moving

Big Scoop Country

Living out our purpose begins with crafting and serving small-batch, hand-made super premium ice cream, the creamiest, most luscious type of ice cream there is. Our flavors are inspired by places and experiences, like our favorite homemade cookies, the light scent of a spring day or the feeling of warming up with something a bit spicy in the fall.

These scoops of indulgence speak in a greater sense to the simple sweetness that is embodied by a Montana summer. A Montana summer is indulgent, not gluttonous. It is bright, sunny, carefree and happy. It is a long day spent paddling down the river then kicking your feet up around the campfire. It is the delicate balance of a work-hard, play-hard lifestyle that is earned and enjoyed. We embody this spirit each time we serve a scoop of ice cream, pack a grocery store shelf with pints or cook up a new recipe in the kitchen. 

Because we believe in supporting our neighbors 
and communities, we are a 2% for
Conservation company. We donate 1% of
proceeds to nonprofits that support
conservation efforts to preserve the places
we love and we donate 1% of our time
to causes that do the same.
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