At Genuine Ice Cream, our business is ice cream and our purpose is community. 

We are Genuine Ice Cream, a Bozeman, Montana based small-batch, hand-made ice creamery that draws inspiration from the Montana lifestyle. We work hard, enjoy life’s simple pleasures and treat everyone like our neighbor. 

We use premium, select ingredients and house-perfected recipes to create ice cream that people look forward to indulging in. We love seeing people gather together to share in the joy of a sweet, simple treat that makes them feel like they’re soaking up a Montana summer. 

Ellie Southworth

In early 2020 I bought the business that I had worked tirelessly developing. Almost 5 years after starting as Production Manager, Genuine Ice Cream has a year-round shop, a bustling production kitchen, and a staff of over twenty.

I poured my heart and soul into building and growing a company that I could be proud of - one that supports our community, that is respected in the business community, and that provides a supportive and growth-oriented work environment and culture for its employees.

The outdoors has always provided me with different things I have needed at different stages of my life. When I was younger, it gave me independence and confidence. Today, it is more therapeutic and quiet. It’s how I handle the stress of running a business. Because the outdoors is capable of providing us with so much, I believe in giving back to organizations that protect it and ensure future generations will enjoy the same opportunities.

Kyra Hart

General ManAger
Fav Flavor: Lemon Sandwich Cookie
Kyra is the glue that keeps Genuine together. She is also deathly afraid of birds.

Sumner Anacker

Events Coordinator
Fav Flavor: Honey Lavender and Chocolate
Bearing the title of “Most Organized Genuine Ice Cream Employee”, Sumner helps folks plan anything from their dream day to the little celebrations of everyday life.

Tessa Park

Project Coordinator
Fav Flavor: Cardamom & Coconut
Tessa is our project coordinator extraordinaire, and truly Genuine's biggest fan.

Fern Corwin

Fav Flavor: Key Lime Pie
Fern loves coming up with new flavor combos and has an extreme fondness for plants.

Amber Kurth

Fav Flavor: Banana Peanut Butter Cup
Amber is studying business marketing at MSU and is involved in leadership opportunities all over campus. Going on hikes or visiting new places is what Amber enjoys to do on her free time.
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